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Living the Dream will continue, but at a new address.  I am moving to www.mralyoung.com.  When I first started this blog, I had modest expectations for it.  I was new to the world of blogging, and wanted to give it a try since I had time.  It was just a place to put my random thoughts.  It was like a personal journal.  I never expected anyone to read it except for a few family members and friends.   Now, 5 months later I actually have a following of regular readers.  Even with sporadic posting, which does not promote a high number of visitors, over 8,000 readers and have visited Living the Dream, and we have over 50 links to Living the Dream.   Moving means starting over which kind of sucks.  Hopefully, my regular readers will find their way to the new address, but there is always a chance of losing readers in the move.  Still, its better to bite the bullet now, and make the move rather than wait till I have a lot more traffic.  That would really hurt.  So, why are we moving now.

  1. Self hosted domain and own domain name: When I first started blogging, I did’nt want to pay for the expense having my own domain name and to have it hosted on my own server.  I did’nt know if it was something I would continue doing, so I just used the free wordpress hosted version.  Since then, I have learned its much more professional to have your own domain name rather than a domain with blogspot or wordpress.com in your domain name.  It builds creadability that your are a serious blogger, and builds your brand.  Its also a small expense to have your own domain name and to self host it.  Also, the free version of WordPress is great for basic blogging, but it does not allow you to take advantage of all the features and plugins that you have with the self hosted version of WordPress.  Many of the features you can’t see, but it allows much more versatility in blogging, and many helpful features.  Now, I can take advantage of these tools.
  2. Monetizing my blog: I started to blog for fun, not to make money.  I never thought I could make money because you need readers to make money, and who would read my blog.  Its just a hobby, but I discovered that many people are able to make a lot of money by blogging.  Its still not a goal of mine to make money from my blog, but I am open to making a few bucks to cover my hosting expense.  The problem is that the terms of service for my free wordpress account does not allow commercial ads on my blog.  So, that is not an option and I decided to make the move.  There are some ads on the new site, MrAlyoung.com, but I will keep it tasteful, and not try to sell out my readers to a lot of advertisements.

So, please join me at the new site for more of the same kind of articles and information you have enjoyed here.  Thanks for reading.  Here are some new articles of interest:


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